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Is Your Home Entertainment System Lacking Something?
By Auido Expert at Expert Ticker LTD
A 5.1 surround sound receiver is essentially where the action happens. Here is where you can manipulate CDs, play movies, and adjust sound. It is where you plug in your surround sound speakers as Read more...


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Are You Sick Of Struggling With Wires?
By Auido Expert at Expert Ticker LTD
Wall surround sound speakers provide you with a variety of different benefits. For example, rather than struggling to hide your wires underneath rugs or behind furniture, you are simply able to run Read more...


Not All Speaker Systems These Days Are Created Equal.
By Auido Expert at Expert Ticker LTD
Why 5.1 surround sound speakers? Out of the models available regarding surround sound systems, you have three to choose from: 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1. The first number means how many speakers are in the Read more...


Audiophiles Across The Country Can Agree That The Best Way To Experience Your Favorite Movies And Music Is Through Surround Sound.
By Auido Expert at Expert Ticker LTD
Many believe that wired speakers are the way to go when it comes to enjoying high quality sound. This is because each speaker is firmly connected to a power source, ensuring that they will never Read more...

A multiple-speaker sound system which gives the effect of being surrounded by sound

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Are You New To The World Of Surround Sound?
By Auido Expert at Expert Ticker LTD
However, there are lots of different products to choose from. For example, you may wish to install sound speakers in your den or living room, or perhaps you'll decide you'd rather use a set of sound headphones for your computer. Finding the best sound system for you depends in a variety of factors. Knowing more about them ahead of time will help significantly in narrowing down your search. For example, if you live in a crowded apartment with thin walls, a loud, powerful sound entertainment system with seven speakers may end up being too loud for you to be able to use without creating conflict. In cases such as this, you can listen without fear of disturbing anyone with a quality set of sound headphones. The best sound headphones are those that manage to trick your mind into thinking that sound is being broadcasted at you from all sides, even though in reality the sound is being played from only two speakers. However, if you are prone to fatigue or headaches, it's not a good idea to wear these for too long, as they can cause ear strain. Sometimes the best sound systems are those where speakers are places strategically throughout the room, thoroughly immersing the listeners in crisp, high quality sound. Depending on which system you purchase, you can choose between five and seven different speakers. In addition to this is also a subwoofer, which is a special speaker commonly used for amplifying softer sounds, such as background noise or bass. The number of speakers will not affect the quality of your sound. However, the more speakers you have, the more you


can manipulate what direction the sounds come from. Of course, having so many speakers in one room can lead to some messy wiring. This is why some homeowners believe wireless is the best sound system. However, don't be mislead by this kind of setup, as this only means that the back speakers are independent of the receiver. This allows you to plug them into alternate sources, thus minimizing clutter. However, if your room doesn't have a lot of plug-ins, there are ways to keep your wires tidier, such as tying them away with twist ties or investing in a sound system that has a hidden compartment made especially for “hiding” wires. These are only a few tips to consider. Regardless of what kind of sound system you choose, you will be able to rest easy in the knowledge that you are choosing the best sound system for you. Learn more today!


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