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Whether You Want To Experience Your Favorite Video Games In A Whole New Way.
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What makes up a home surround sound system? This depends on a variety of factors, particularly whether you buy a 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 system. In this case, the first number means how many speakers Read more...


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If You Don't Have A 5.1 Surround Sound System, You Are Truly Missing Out On A Wonderful Experience.
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Why a 5.1 surround sound system? In order to understand this, first you should learn how these home entertainment models work. Usually they're available in three forms: 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1. In this Read more...


Are You Thinking Of Renovating Your Entertainment System? Are Your Current Speakers A Crackling Mess?
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Why 7.1 surround sound speakers? In order to understand that, first you should learn how surround sound speakers work. In most cases, you can choose from 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 speakers. The first Read more...


Getting A New Surround Sound Entertainment System Is Always An Exciting Occasion.
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Why is this? Part of it is poor planning on their part. Impulse decisions result in them purchasing a surround sound system without considering their room first. This results in speakers clumsily Read more...

A multichannel audio system with speakers in front of and behind the listener to create a surrounding envelope of sound and to simulate ...

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Adding 7.1 Surround Sound Speakers To Your Entertainment System Is The Perfect Way
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Whether you're an audiophile, a gadget enthusiast, or you simply want a quality sound system to beef up your entertainment system, 7.1 sound speakers are the prime way to achieve the sound you're looking for. The 7.1 indicates that you will receive seven speakers with the package, plus one subwoofer. When it comes to installing your 7.1 sound speakers, however, many new users have a bit of trouble. This system is incredibly complex, and thus the setup process can be confusing as well. Once you are through linking each wire to the right plug-in at the system receiver, then you must find ways to arrange your speakers so that they will broadcast accurately while still ensuring that their placement isn't inconvenient. Then there are the wires to deal with. Seven different speakers mean seven different wires that must plug into the system receiver. If your stereos span a large distance from the receiver, however, this may result in wires trailing across furniture or along the floor, which is not only sloppy and frustrating, but it runs the risk of someone tripping over the wires as well. In addition to this, having your wires displayed this way runs the risk of them becoming tangled or otherwise damaged due to yanking or over coiling. This is why it is essential that you buy your 7.1 sound speakers while keeping the outline


of your room firmly in mind. Otherwise you may not end up with enough space for your speakers and their wires, which would be a shame indeed. Fortunately, if your wires are driving you crazy, there are ways to keep them neatly hidden and out of the way. A common technique is to run them under a rug. This keeps them relatively unharmed and ensures that no one trips over them. Similarly, some homeowners line their wires between the wall and their carpeting. Others prefer to tape their wires along the lower wall, thus keeping them discreetly out of the way. 'These are only a few tips on how to arrange your 7.1 sound speakers. Learn more today about how you can make setting up and enjoying your sound system.


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